Frequently asked questions

How do I contact the sales support expert?

To contact the sales support agent, please click on the call us button or dial +1 866 598 5246

How do I contact the technical support after my purchase

You may call our technical support on the given number: +1 866 598 5246 Mon to Fri 9:00AM to 5PM ET (US & CANADA)

How do I track my orders?

You can track your order with various ways listed below

  1. Check your email for tracking ID and shipment confirmation
  2. Call our Support Team at (866) 598-5246
  3. Email us at support@smartetailer.com
  4. Contact us via leaving a chat message on the website

Can I return, refund or exchange?

Yes you can return, refund or exchange your items purchased through this website. For further details go to our return & exchange policy section at the bottom of the page.